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M. R. Shamsaee

Message of the Organizer


I, on behalf of the Khuzestan Water and Power Authority have the pleasure to invite all researchers, scholars and experts to participate in the Thirteenth International Drainage Workshop which will be held in Ahwaz, Iran in 2017.


Khuzestan plain in the South West Iran, with its unique capacities in water, soil and climatic conditions has long been an attractive place to different ethnic groups. Two  summers and mild winters have made double cropping possible this is a unique characteristic throughout the country.


Salt affected heavy soils of Khuzestan need drainage facilities to be irrigated. The first subsurface drainage system was implemented in 12000 hectares of Haft Tappeh sugarcane project in 1970s following the construction of Shavoor open drainage system which was constructed in 1956.


In addition to modern irrigation and drainage networks, one can find old unique hydraulic structures in Khuzestan, such as Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, an ancient complex built around 1250 B.C. with water physical treatment facility.


I am quite sure that being familiar with the development of irrigation and drainage networks in the province, along with visiting ancient water structures in the historic surrounding towns brings memorable moments of your presence at this international workshop. We will do our best to take all the opportunities to provide all participants a memorable stay and a successful workshop.



M. R. Shamsaee

Chairman and Managing Director Khuzestan Water and Power Authority