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Message from The President


Dear Friends,


On behalf of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), I have the pleasure to invite you to the13th International Drainage Workshop (IDW) of ICID to be held from 4-7 March 2017 at Ahwaz City, Iran the capital of Khuzestan Province located on the banks of the Karoun (Karun) River.  Hosted by the Iranian National Committee (IRNCID) the theme of the Workshop is “Drainage and Environmental Sustainability”. 


The most significant challenge being faced globally especially by developing countries is how to feed rapidly growing population, which is likely to cross 9 billion by 2050, with the limited land and water resources under uncertainties associated with climate variability and climate change in an environmentally sound and socially acceptable sustainable manner. Higher yields through irrigated agriculture, supported by technology driven innovations appears to be the only potential option to meet this challenge. It calls for expansion of irrigation wherever feasible, modernization of existing irrigation systems, supply and demand side management and environmentally sound practices. In order to minimise adverse environmental impacts such as water logging and salinity and maintain or improve the land productivity, drainage of agricultural lands is critical, especially in humid as well as irrigated lands around the world.


ICID, through its Working Group on Sustainable Drainage, has been organizing International Drainage Workshops (IDW) since 1978 with the aim of sharing experience with across regions and at international scales. These workshops are attended by a large number of participants consisting of academicians, scientists, engineers and all those interested in sustainable development through irrigation, drainage and agricultural water management.


Under the umbrella of the main theme "Drainage and Environmental Sustainability” discussions will focus on: (i) Measures to lower volume of drainage water; (ii) Measures to improve drainage water quality; (iii) Adaptation of new design criteria in favour of the environment; and (iv) Application of alternative drainage methods.   


It is my pleasure to invite all stakeholders from around the world to participate in the workshop to deliberate on the challenges associated with irrigated agriculture and share their experiences and ideas on the innovative solutions to tackle these challenges. Near Ahwaz City, which is located on the banks of the largest river and the only navigable waterway in Iran, there are several wetlands, including Bamdezh (Bamdej) Wetland and Shadegan Wetland. You will be able to witness how the drainage issues have been handled in Iran, particularly in Khuzestan Province.

Best wishes to all contributors for a successful and fruitful event and looking forward to meeting you in the wonderful city of Ahwaz, Iran.


Yours Sincerely 

Dr. Saeed Nairizi  

President, ICID