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Dr. Meydani


Having the honor to welcome all the respectful delegates and accompanying persons, I am very pleased to inform that the 13th International Drainage Workshop (13th IDW) will be held in Ahwaz, Iran in March 2017.The event shall be a valuable opportunity for the drainage scholars and experts from all over the world to bring together the technologies, experiences and the latest findings of drainage to be reviewed. In this regard we will increase our knowledge and exchange of our experiences.


The main approach of 13th International Drainage Workshop is environmental aspects of drainage and promotion of drainage management for environmental sustainability. The workshop is organized by IRNCID and hosted by Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA). Khuzestan province is the birthplace of drainage in Iran. About 60 percent of drained area of the country is in Khuzestan. In addition, there are many ancient unique hydraulic structures in the region such as Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, an ancient complex built around 1250 B.C. with water physical treatment facility. Participants in the workshop can both visit the modern drainage networks and enjoy the ancient water structures from the dating back over 3000 years.


I would  encourage your participation, appreciate your kind cooperation and look forward to meeting you with fruitful results in Ahwaz, Iran.


Sincerely yours

Rahim Meydani

Vice-Minister of Energy in Water Affairs