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The 13th ICID International Drainage Workshop )IDW)

4-7 March 2017, Ahwaz, Iran



The Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID), under the patronage of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) and the auspicious of the Ministry of Energy (MOE) and its subsidiary, Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (WKPA), organizes the 13th ICID International Workshop on "Drainage and Environmental Sustainability" in Ahwaz, Iran March 4-7, 2017.


The workshop aims at introducing the challenges, needs and solutions facing the drainage community worldwide and to share experience on the national, regional and international scales in the field of agricultural drainage in relation to the environment. Located in the southwestern part of Iran, Ahwaz is the capital city of Khuzestan Province, one of the most ancient and civilized Iranian regions frequently referred to as "the birthplace of the nation". Khuzestan receiving nearly one-third of the country's surface water irrigates about 3.3 million hectares of agricultural land. The agricultural potential of most of the rivers flowing in Khuzestan, and particularly in their lower reaches, is hampered by the fact that their waters carry salt, the amount of which increases as the rivers flow away from the source. Almost 60 percent of subsurface drained areas of the country are located in Khuzestan Province.


Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA) is very pleased to welcome all delegates, participants and accompanying persons to this event. The organizer wishes the event creates such an environment and an opportunity for international drainage scholars and experts to exchange their views on agricultural drainage in general and on sustainability of drainage systems in particular.