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Issuing Visa

There is a short time left until the 13th International Drainage Workshop which is planned to be held in Ahwaz, Iran, 4-7 March 2017. Note that formalities and process of issuing visa would usually take some time. Therefore, we would like to inform you that the Secretariat of 13th International Drainage Workshop has provided some facilities for the participants in order to obtain their visa. Those of you who would like to use these facilities, please fill out the attached form and send it back via email (13idw2017@gmail.com) attaching a copy of your passport, and a full-face photo (3×4 or 4×6). You will be provided a reference code issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Iran by the Secretariat of the IDW13. By receiving the reference code, you will be able to approach the Iranian Embassy in your country to receive your visa.


Procedure to apply for the Iranian Visa  

(1) Please fill the attached form by adding your passport copy, and a full-face photo (3×4 or 4×6)

(2) Send the form with the attachments via email to 13idw2017@gmail.com 

(3) IDW secretariat will send you a reference code to be submitted to the Iranian Embassy in your country. This reference code has been confirmed by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Tehran) to fasten the procedure issuing your entry visa.

(4) Approaching the Iranian Embassy in your country to receive the entry visa to Iran.

Another alternative will be to receive visa upon arrival at Imam Khomaini International Airport in Tehran by presenting the workshop official invitation letter. Although this option enables passport holders from specific countries to enter Iran (only by arrival flights to Imam Khomaini International Airport) without approaching any Iranian Embassy, it is not suggested by the IDW13 and must be considered as a back-up plan in emergency cases. Please note the visa cannot be issued for passports which have a validity of less than 6 months.